Dialogues: a Collection of Creative Conversations Press Kit

Dialogues: a Collection of Creative Conversations



Dialogues: a Collection of Creative Conversations. A standoff with Bigfoot, an epidemic of serial killers, crossing a busy and blood-spattered road, men leaving their wives for artificial intelligence dating apps—these are just a few of the short stories written in a dialogical style you’ll find in this new collection by Randal Eldon Greene.  Dialogues is currently being published on Medium as a weekly series you can read on your phone for free.

The first dialogue from the series was published on January 10th, 2018. The introduction to the series was published the week prior. A new dialogue is set to be published every week of 2018. Randal Eldon Greene intends to publish a book version of the Dialogues sometime in 2019 or 2020.

The series can be read at:

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Publishers interested in individual stories, reprints, or the collection may contact Randal at: wintergreenwriter@gmail.com