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“This is an accomplished work. Greene has addressed a great deal of material in a short space. His story is physically minimal while his prose, and the ideas and situations it conveys, are expansive. Greene does very effective work with very few pages. In the process, he has created a thoughtful and emotional novel that examines with intelligence and compassion the deepest levels of human suffering and loss.” —Colorado Review

Descriptions of Heaven is an admirable sort of quietly suspenseful literary novel; its prose flows without awkwardness, and heartrending gothic secrets are revealed in due course as the philosophical narrative unfolds.” —Kevin Polman, author of The Extra Key

“From the very first pages, I saw the lives of these characters like a shattering mirror. All those details which make everyday life normal will be torn apart in front of the characters, leaving them unable to do anything but wait for that final dreaded moment and afterwards try to move on.eLitere

“Randal Greene masterfully created a character who fights in silence, who faces life with her heart and her feelings out in the open. I loved meeting her, and her last journey seen through her husband’s eyes was beautiful to witness.” —Chocolatenwaffles

“In My Opinion if you like to read books there is no reason you shouldn’t pick up this one. . .It’s short and easy to read, it packs a punch for something so small, and it will touch each and every one of your emotional strings by the time you read the ending.” —Victor G. Espinoza, author of Greyhart

“I loved the author’s prose and his style in general. Greene makes poetry of his prose and commands the page. For that reason alone, it was a joy to read.” —The Underground

ir-sticker-approved-sticker-2“Let yourself get involved, and you may be pulled in by the linguist’s efforts to use the tools of his craft—words—as aids in his search for answers to his son’s (and his own) questions about why Natalia is dying and where she is going.” —IndieReader

“It’s a book that must be read with the desire to see the ordinary transform. Images are poetry in a novelist’s prose. Emotions are felt through metaphors and the scene itself—internal battles that end with short moments of dialogue.” —Cayce Berryman, copy editor and newspaper producer for Gannet (USA Today Network)

“What’s surprised me is how such a short novella has left lasting thoughts.  Greene’s use of words has evoked such vivid images and thoughts that I find I’m contemplating life and death myself.  An interesting and thought-provoking read.” —happymeerkatreviews

“This work of art is incredibly poetic from beginning to end. Randal Eldon Greene paints his words with every array of colors imaginable.” —Paperback Darling

“With so many hauntingly beautiful lines, and characters that I cared about and became attached to, I felt as if I, too, took this journey, and I’ve been changed along with them. And for me, that’s the ultimate gift that a story could give.” —Unbroken Journal

Descriptions of Heaven 3D image black background.

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