Randal Eldon GreeneRandal Eldon Greene is an author and interviewer. His first novel, Descriptions of Heaven, was published by Harvard Square Editions in 2016. He is the founder of the Hello, Author newsletter in which he holds interviews and conversations with today’s writers. Greene is also the administrator of Literary Fiction Writers, Facebook’s largest group devoted to writers of Lit Fic. 

A native of the northern plains, Randal grew up in small-town Nebraska and later attended the University of South Dakota where he earned his Bachelor’s in English and Anthropology. His first four short stories were published in 2010. His fiction and other writing has since appeared in various publications.

Author Randal Eldon Greene with his blind dog, Missy.In his spare time Randal likes to cook, read, and hang out with Libby, the coolest middle school teacher in the world, who also happens to be his wife. He is employed full time as a seeing eye human for his blind miniature schnauzer, Missy.

Randal believes the world of Literary Arts is an active and thriving place, and he wants to get his hands in the ink. In the past, Randal worked as a prose submissions reader for South Dakota Review and Heart & Mind Zine. Randal Eldon Greene and his wife Elizabeth Greene.In 2005 he engineered and produced Microwave Souls, an album of spoken-word poetry, distributed by the Vermillion Literary Project.  He also co-founded the Vermillion Writers’ Guild and served as its president for two years. He’s a member of Sigma Tau Delta—the national English Honors Society. He wrote a children’s readers’ theater play, Humpty Dumpty Goes to the Beach, which was performed in 2015 and 2016 by Libby’s ESL summer school class for their Books on the Beach celebration. 



Randal’s 2021 projects include novel writing, composing occasional short form book reviews on Medium, filming vlogs for AuthorTube, and conducting author interviews for his new newsletter, Hello, Author.

Randal Eldon Greene writing at the Blue Cafe in Sioux City Iowa.

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