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Sioux City author contemplates life, death, and the climate in novella

Most early afternoons, you will find writer Randal Eldon Greene furiously tapping away on a tablet while seated at a table at Blue Cafe. . .  Read More (05/13/2017)


Dakota City native publishes first book

John Grisham, J.K Rowling, and. . . Dakota City native Randal Eldon Greene? Well, he might not fit into that esteemed group yet, but Greene could be well on his way with the upcoming release of his first book. . .  Read More (09/23/2016)


Sioux City writer tackles ‘Descriptions of Heaven’

For four to six hours every day, Randal Eldon Greene, 31, can be found writing inside his northside home. . . Read More (09/20/2016)