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—The best way you can support me is to buy a book of mine (Descriptions of Heaven is my only book published to date).
—If you like it, leaving an honest review is the next best gift you can give me.
—You can find my book just about anywhere you can buy books: AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, WATERSTONES, THE PUBLISHER’S WEBSITE, etc.

Patreon.png—Patreon currently not available.

—Don’t want to do Patreon but still want to donate, then this option is for you. (Well, I actually don’t have Patreon yet, so this is currently the best way to donate.)
—Donations help me during lean times between publications.
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Gift a Book
—For a fun and different way to support this writer, you can browse my Amazon wish list, and gift a book from it.
—Once you pick a book, my name (Randal Greene with the address hidden) should show up as a shipping option. Select it to send the book to me.

—In this day and age, there’s tons of social media where you can subscribe, like, follow, etc. I’ve tried to include all the the most relevant social media here. I appreciate any and all support.
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—Clap for me on MEDIUM where I have a number of publications, including short form book reviews. If you have a Medium membership, I get paid when you read the majority of my articles.
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FACEBOOK likes are more than likable, they’re awesome.
GOODREADS is a great place for you to leave book reviews.

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