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Author Bio

Short Version A:

Randal Eldon Greene is the author of the novel, Descriptions of Heaven (Harvard Square Editions, 2016). Greene holds a degree in English and Anthropology from the University of South Dakota. He is the founding interviewer for the Hello, Author newsletter and the administrator behind Literary Fiction Writers, the largest Lit Fic group on Facebook. Greene lives in Sioux City, Iowa. His typos are tweeted @AuthorGreene and his website is found at

Short Version B:

Randal Eldon Greene is the author of one short novel and many even shorter stories. Greene holds a degree in English and Anthropology from the University of South Dakota. Originally from Nebraska, he now lives and writes in Iowa. His typos are tweeted @AuthorGreene and his website is found at

Long Version:

Randal Eldon Greene is the author of Descriptions of Heaven,  (Harvard Square Editions, 2016), a novel about a linguist, a lake monster, and the looming shadow of death. His short fiction has appeared in 3AM: Magazine, 34thParallel, as|peers, The Creative Cafe, Literally Literary, NPR online, Spelk, Unbroken Journal, and elsewhere.  In 2021 he founded the author interview newsletter, Hello, Author. He is also the administrator behind Literary Fiction Writers on Facebook, the largest Lit Fic writing group in the world. Greene graduated from University of South Dakota where he earned his Bachelor’s in English and Anthropology.

Greene believes the world of literary arts is an active and thriving place, and he wants to get his hands in the ink. He is always seeking opportunities to collaborate with other artists. In the past, Randal worked as a submissions reader for Heart & Mind Zine, South Dakota Review, and VLP Magazine. In 2005 he engineered and produced Microwave Souls, an album of spoken-word poetry, distributed by the Vermillion Literary Project. Greene is a member of Sigma Tau Delta—the national English Honors Society.

In 2018 Greene gave himself the challenge of writing one story-in-dialogue for every week of the year. Stories from his challenge have appeared or will soon be appearing in America’s Emerging Writers Anthology, The Creative Cafe, Iowa’s Emerging Writers Anthology, Flash Fiction Addiction Anthology, The Green Light, Lit Up, Public House Magazine, Train Lit Mag, and elsewhere.

When not at his writing desk, Greene can be found either cooking in the kitchen or in his library, curled up with a book. When not stuffing himself with books or food, Greene is most often hanging out with Libby, the coolest middle school teacher in the world, who also happens to be his wife. His typos are tweeted @AuthorGreene and his website is found at

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