Below you’ll find a list of works I’ve published. These are first appearances of any given piece of writing, not reprints in anthologies, textbooks, or elsewhere. For info on obtaining reprint permissions, you can email me at wintergreenwriter@gmail.com

man in suite with a head

Interview with Bill Meissner – 2022 (interview): Hello, Author; April 01 (2022). Read online.

Interview with Nick Sweeney – 2022 (interview): Hello, Author; February 28 (2022). Read online.

Bright Moon Over Lover’s Bridge (short story): Anansi Archive Anthology; January 22 (2022). Read or buy online.

Interview with Roz Morris – 2022 (interview): Hello, Author; January 22 (2021). Read online.

Interview with Caroline Miley – 2021 (interview): Hello, Author; November 13 (2021). Read online.

Interview with Robert Earle – 2021 (interview): Hello, Author; September 11 (2021). Read online.

Interview with Agatha Zaza – 2021(interview): Hello, Author; July 31 (2021). Read online.

* For When No One Does Social Distancing Anymore (poem): The Junction ; June 25 (2021). Read online.

* Interview with Elizabeth Ellen – 2021 (interview): Hello, Author ; June 25 (2021). Read online.

* Unpopular Opinion: Slaughterhouse-Five is a Bad Novel (book review): Medium ; May 15 (2021). Read online.

Interview with Cathy Ulrich – 2021 (interview): Hello, Author ; April 30 (2021). Read online.

* Interview with Ivy Ngeow – 2021 (interview): Hello, Author ; March 31 (2021). Read online.

Interview with Twyla Hansen – 2021 (interview): Hello, Author ; February 28 (2021). Read online.

Interview with Gary Floyd – 2021 (interview): Hello, Author ; January 11 (2021). Read online.

* Roberto Bolaño’s Nazi Literature in the Americas, a Short Form Review (book review): Medium ; December 29 (2020). Read online.

Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, a Short Form Review (book review): Medium ; December 14 (2020). Read online.

Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, a Short Form Review (book review): Medium ; December, 19 (2020). Read online.

* A Word Portrait of Gertrude Stein in the Style of Gertrude Stein’s Word Portraits  (creative nonfiction): Squawk Back ; March, 15 (2020). Read online.

* plain of swords (short story): Outposts of Beyond – Alban Lake Publishing ; January (2020).

* Remembering to Celebrate Our Successes (short story): C.R.Y ; December 23 (2019). Read online.

Reflections on a Decade-long Journey to Getting a Flash Fiction Story Published (nonfiction): The Ascent ; August 28 (2019). Read online.

* Expire (dialogue): Raw Art Review ; Spring (2019). Read or buy online.

A Terrorist Organization Sent Me a Letter (nonfiction): Medium ; August 04 (2019). Read online.

The Human Bird (short story): Reflex Press ; published for the Witches Sail in Eggshells 50-word Flash Fiction Contest ; July 24 (2019). Read online.

The Wave (dialogue): Colp: Big – Gypsum Sound Tales ; July 08 (2019). Order in print or in digital form.

* The Final Voyage (short story): Strange Mysteries 8 : anthology – Whortleberry Press ; May (2019). Order online.

* A Rant Against Myself (creative nonfiction): CultureCult Magazine ; Issue #11, April (2019). Available in print or in digital form.

* @ChefNipsNips (dialogue): Defenestration Magazine ; April 20 (2019). Read online.

A Lover’s Dwelling (dialogue): Flash Fiction Addiction : anthology – Zombie Pirate Publishing ; April 15 (2019). Order online.

Demon Zone (dialogue): Midnight Mosaic : 2nd Place winner of the 13 Days of Dark Lore Contest ; April 07 (2019). Read online.

Pissing Therapy (dialogue): Public House Magazine ; Issue 9 | Tabloid, January 28 (2019).  Read an online version published under a slightly different title.

A Man in the Snow (dialogue): Medium ; December 01 (2018). Read online.

Everything in Its Right Place (dialogue): Iowa’s Emerging Writers : anthology – Z Publishing ; September 09 (2018). Order your copy here.

Viagra for a Pariah (dialogue): The Green Light Literary Journal ;  issue # 3, August 15 (2018). Read online.

What Makes You, You? #511 – Randal Eldon Greene  (art collaboration): Sally Sheinman, artist ; July 15 (2018). View online.

Jonathan Knudsen (dialogue): Train Lit Mag ; July 05 (2018).

Medea Naked on the Golden Fleece (dialogue): Lit Up ; April 30 (2018). Read online.

A New Kind of Mother (short story): Spelk ; April 27 (2018). Read online.

Tarnished Time (dialogue): The Creative Cafe ; April 17 (2018). Read online.

DigiSpouse.com Testimonial (dialogue): Medium ; March 19 (2018). Read online.

You’re a Kid (short story): The Creative Cafe ; March 15 (2018). Read online.

(short story): Literally Literary ; March 13 (2018). Read online.

Medium Series: Hints and Tricks (article): Medium ; March 04 (2018).

88 “Spice Up Your Date” Shimmer Palette (dialogue): Medium ; February 06 (2018). Read online.

The Decline of Literary Fiction (essay): Medium ; January 30 (2018). Read online.

Aunt Phyllis is Yours This Christmas (short story): Medium ; December 15 (2017). Read online.

* Irony (short story): 3:AM Magazine ; June (2017). Read online.

* On the Art of the Long Sentence (essay): This is Writing ; April 18 (2017). Read online.

* When the Dog Gets Ready to Die (prose poetry): Unbroken Journal ; January issue (2017). Read online.

⁎ Baby From the Sky (short story): for the Writers’ Village How to Write a Very Short Story (The Ultimate Guide) Contest ; March (2016).

* The Joy of a First Book (essay): StoryFinds ; December 16 (2016).

* If My Book (creative nonfiction): Monkeybicycle ; December 13 (2016). Read online.

* Descriptions of Heaven (novella): Descriptions of Heaven 3D image black background.Harvard Square Editions ; November (2016).
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Come Light (short story): Unbroken Journal ; March/April issue (2016). Find this piece of for e-reader or for web browser. Nominated for the 2017 Best Small Fictions.

A Review of the Extra Key by Kevin Polman (book review): Goodreads.com review ; November 26 (2016). Read online.

* The Old Man’s Rocking Chair is Moving Slower, Boy (short story): as|peers ; issue #6 (2013). Story is available in print or can be read online.

* Things That Fall (short story): VLP Magazine: Dreaming Up a Past ; (2011). Story published as second place winner of the annual VLP Three-Hour Fiction writing contest.

* The Sahlfeld Place (short story): NPR Three-Minute Fiction ; (October 2010). Story published online by National Public Radio as a finalist for the Three-Minute Fiction Contest, Round Five. Read online.

* Bad Weather (short story): 34thParallel ; issue #11, July (2010). Magazine available in full colorblack and white, or as a digital edition.

* Beyond the Blue Curtain (short story): VLP Magazine: a fortune up in flames ; (2010). 

* There’s War (short story): Bust Down the Door and Eat all the Chickens ; issue# Y’aing’ngah (Winter 2010). Available on Amazon Kindle.

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