* Irony (short story): 3:AM Magazine ; June (2017). Read online.

* On the Art of the Long Sentence (essay): This is Writing ; April 18 (2017). Read online.

* When the Dog Gets Ready to Die (prose poetry): Unbroken Journal ; January issue (2017). Read online.

* The Joy of a First Book (essay): StoryFinds ; December 16 (2016). Read online.

* If My Book (creative non-fiction): Monkeybicycle ; December 13 (2016). Read online.

* Descriptions of Heaven (novella): Descriptions.inddHarvard Square Editions ; November (2016).
Find in paperback on Amazon.
Purchase a Kindle copy.
Buy at Barnes & Noble.
Find at publisher’s website.

Come Light (short story): Unbroken Journal ; March/April issue (2016). Find this piece of for e-reader or for web browser. Nominated for the 2017 Best Small Fictions.

* The Old Man’s Rocking Chair is Moving Slower, Boy (short story): as|peers ; issue #6 (2013). Story is available in print or can be read online.

* Things That Fall (short story): VLP Magazine: Dreaming Up a Past ; (2011). Story published as second place winner of the annual VLP Three-Hour Fiction writing contest. Purchasing info at http://sites.usd.edu/projlit/vlp-magazine.

* The Sahlfeld Place (short story): NPR Three-Minute Fiction ; (October 2010). Story published online by National Public Radio as a finalist for the Three-Minute Fiction Contest, Round Five. Read online.

* Bad Weather (short story): 34thParallel ; issue #11 (July 2010). Magazine available in full colorblack and white, or as a digital edition.

* Beyond the Blue Curtain (short story): VLP Magazine: a fortune up in flames ; (2010). Purchasing info at: http://sites.usd.edu/projlit/vlp-magazine.

* There’s War (short story): Bust Down the Door and Eat all the Chickens ; issue# Y’aing’ngah (Winter 2010). Available on Amazon Kindle.

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