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Preview of the book Descriptions of Heaven published by Harvard Square Editions (2016) Novel
Extract from the book Descriptions of Heaven published by Harvard Square Editions (2016) Novel

Short Fiction

“Bright Moon Over Lover’s Bridge” published by The Anansi Archive in Christmas Bizarre and Other Stories – Anansi Anthologies Vol. 1 (2022) Short Story


“Remembering to Celebrate Our Successes”  published in C.R.Y. ; December 23, (2019) Short Story
“Expire” published in Raw Art Reivew ; Spring (2019) Dialogue
“The Human Bird” for the Witches Sail in Eggshells Flash Fiction Competition ; July 24 (2019) Microfiction
“The Wave” published in COLP: Big ; [ebook], July 08 (2019) Dialogue 
“@ChefNipsNips” published in Defenestration Magazine ; April 20 (2019) Dialogue
“A Lover’s Dwelling” published in Flash Fiction Addiction 101: Short Short Stories ; [ebook], April 15 (2019) Dialogue 
“Demon Zone” published in Midnight Mosaic as the second place winner for their 13 Days of Dark Lore contest ; April 07 (2019) Dialogue
“A Man in the Snow” published on Medium ; December 01 (2018) Dialogue
“Viagra for a Pariah” published in The Green Light Literary Journal ;  issue # 3, August 15 (2018) Dialogue
“Medea Naked on the Golden Fleece” published in Lit Up ; April 30 (2018) Dialogue
“A New Kind of Mother” published in Spelk ; April 27 (2018) Microfiction
“Tarnished Time” published in The Creative Cafe ; April 17 (2018) Dialogue
“ Testimonial” published on Medium ; March 19 (2018) Dialogue
“You’re a Kid” published in The Creative Cafe ; March 15 (2018) Short Story
“H” published in Literally Literary ; March 13 (2018) Short Story
“88 ‘Spice Up Your Date’ Shimmer Palette” published on Medium ; February 06 (2018) Dialogue
“Aunt Phyllis is Yours This Christmas” published on Medium ; December 15 (2017) Short Story
“Irony” published in 3:AM Magazine ; June (2017) Flash Fiction
“Come Light” published in Unbroken Journal ; March/April issue (2016) Flash Fiction – nominated for the 2017 Best Small Fictions
e-Reader Version
“The Old Man’s Rocking Chair is Moving Slower, Boy” published in as|peers ; issue #6 (2013) Short Story
“Bad Weather” published in 34thParallel ; issue #11 July (2010) Flash Fiction
“The Sahlfeld Place” as a finalist in National Public Radio’s Three-Minute Fiction Contest, Round Five (2010) Flash Fiction
“There’s War” published in Bust Down the Door and Eat all the Chickens ; [ebook], issue# Y’aing’ngah Winter (2010) Short Story


“A Word Portrait of Gertrude Stein in the Style of Gertrude Stein’s Word Portraits” published in Squawk Back ; March 15 (2020) Creative Nonfiction
“Reflections on a Decade-long Journey to Getting a Flash Fiction Story Published” published on The Ascent ; August 28 (2019) Nonfiction
“A Terrorist Organization Sent Me a Letter” published on Medium ; August 04 (2019) Nonfiction
“A Rant Against Myself” published in CultureCult Magazine ; [ebook] Issue #11 Spring (2019) Creative Nonfiction
“2018 Challenge Halfway Point” published on Medium ; July 12 (2018) Dialogue Update
“The Decline of Literary Fiction” published on Medium ; January 30 (2018) Essay
“On the Art of the Long Sentence” published on This Is Writing ; April 18 (2017) Essay
“If My Book” featured on ; December 13 (2016) Creative Nonfiction

Other Writing

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“I Landed a Publisher Without Even Trying” published on Medium ; March 03 (2023) Article


“For When No One Does Social Distancing Anymore” published by The Junction ; June 26 (2021) Poetry
“What Makes You, You? #511 – Randal Eldon Greene” an art collaboration with visual artist Sally Sheinman ; July 15 (2018) Art Collaboration
“When the Dog Gets Ready to Die” published by Unbroken Journal ; January issue (2017) Poetry

Book Reviews

“Unpopular Opinion: Slaughterhouse-Five is a Bad Book” published on Medium ; May 15 (2021) Book Review


“Roberto Bolaño’s Nazi Literature in the Americasa Short Form Review” published on Medium ; December 29 (2020) Short Form Book Review


“Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, a Short Form Review” published on Medium ; December 14 (2020) Short Form Book Review


“Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, a Short Form Review” published on Medium ; December 09 (2020) Short Form Book Review
“A Review of The Extra Key by Kevin Polman” published on Goodreads ; November 26 (2016) Book Review



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