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Short Fiction

“Aunt Phyllis is Yours This Christmas” published on Medium ; December (2017) Short Story
“Irony” published in 3:AM Magazine ; June (2017) Flash Fiction
“Come Light” published in Unbroken Journal ; March/April issue (2016) Flash Fiction – nominated for the 2017 Best Small Fictions
e-Reader Version
“Baby From the Sky” for the Writers’ Village How to Write a Very Short Story (The Ultimate Guide) Contest ; March (2016) Flash Fiction
“The Old Man’s Rocking Chair is Moving Slower, Boy” published in as|peers ; issue #6 (2013) Short Story
“Bad Weather” published in 34thParallel ; issue #11 July (2010) Flash Fiction
“The Sahlfeld Place” as a finalist in National Public Radio’s Three-Minute Fiction Contest, Round Five (2010) Flash Fiction
“There’s War” published in Bust Down the Door and Eat all the Chickens ; issue# Y’aing’ngah Winter (2010) Short Story


“On the Art of the Long Sentence” published on This Is Writing : April 18 (2017) Essay
“The Joy of a First Book” published on ; December 16 (2016) Essay
“If My Book” featured on ; December 13 (2016) Creative Nonfiction
“A Review of The Extra Key by Kevin Polman” published on Goodreads ; November 26 (2016) Book Review


“When the Dog Gets Ready to Die” published by Unbroken Journal ; January issue (2017) Poetry


 Extract from the book Descriptions of Heaven published by Harvard Square Editions (2016) Novella


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