Dialogues: A Collection of Creative Conversations


Dialogues: A Collection of Creative Conversations. A standoff with Bigfoot, an epidemic of serial killers, crossing a busy and blood-spattered road, men leaving their wives for artificial intelligence dating apps—these are just a few of the dialogical short stories you’ll find in this new collection by Randal Eldon Greene. 

Dialogues is the product of a writing challenge Greene began in 2018. For every week of the year, the author wrote one dialogue-only story. In this collection you’ll encounter a variety of topics and tones and experiments in presentation. Humor and heartbreak, philosophy and pulp are placed equally side by side in this collection that is sure to entertain any intrepid reader.

Greene intends to begin actively seeking a publisher for his collected dialogues sometime in late 2019. Interested parties may contact the author directly at wintergreenwriter@gmail.com

Below you’ll find a list of published dialogues. Links are provided if available.

  • Expire: Raw Art Review ; Spring (2019). Read or order online.
  • The Wave: Colp: Big – Gypsum Sound Tales ; (2019). Order online.
  • @ChefNipsNips: Defenestration Magazine ; April 20 (2019). Read online.
  • A Lover’s Dwelling: Flash Fiction Addiction : anthology – Zombie Pirate Publishing ; April 15 (2019). Order online.
  • Demon Zone: Midnight Mosaic : 13 Days of Dark Lore Contest (second place winner) ; April 07 (2019). Read online.
  • Pissing Therapy: Public House Magazine ; Issue 9 | Tabloid, January 28 (2019). Order online.
  • A Man in the Snow: Medium.com ; December 01 (2018). Read online.
  • Everything in Its Right Place : Iowa’s Emerging Writers : anthology – Z Publishing ; September 09 (2018). Order the anthology.
  • Viagra for a Pariah: The Greene Light ; issue #3, August 15 (2018). Read online.
  • Jonathan Knudsen: Train Lit Mag ; July 05 (2018).
  • DigiSpouse.com Testimonial: Medium.com ; May 19 (2018). Read online.
  • Medea Naked on the Golden Fleece: Lit Up ; April 30 (2018). Read online.
  • Tarnished Time: The Creative Cafe ; April 17 (2018). Read online.
  • 88 “Spice Up Your Date” Shimmer Palette: Medium.com ; February 06 (2018). Read online.


Alphabetical List of Stories:

  • 88 “Spice Up Your Date” Shimmer Palette
  • @ChefNipsNips
  • About the author
  • A Lover’s Dwelling
  • A Man in the Snow
  • Baby Who
  • Chip You Away
  • Colonizer
  • Cup of Love
  • Cut
  • Demon Zone
  • Digesting That Disillusionment
  • DigiSpouse.com Testimonial
  • Directionless
  • Everything in Its Right Place
  • Expire
  • God Vomit
  • Hiss, Squawk, Bellow, Mutter
  • Ho Ho Ho, Mother-Fucker
  • Illegal Turn
  • Insults Two by Two
  • Jonathan Knudsen
  • Life Cycle
  • Maskenfreitheit
  • Medea Naked on the Golden Fleece
  • My Husband Was Killed by a Cryptid
  • Pocket Chicken
  • Rolling Stop
  • Scentless Dreams
  • Standoff with Bigfoot Deep in the Remote Woods
  • Tarnished Time
  • Terry Won’t Let It Live
  • The Bat-Cat God and Other Self-Reproachments
  • The Carnivore and the Vegan Sit Down to Dinner
  • The Defining Attribute of a Girl
  • The Ghost of Yesteryear
  • The Melania Dialogues
  • The Nihilist and the Strangler
  • Therapy
  • The River Flows in One Direction
  • The Serial Killer Epidemic: Interview Transcripts
  • The Wave
  • Things I Thought My Mother Said
  • To Get to the Other Side: February 02
  • Two Conversations with Voices
  • URBAN EXPLORING: Enchanted Castle
  • Viagra for a Pariah
  • Vorchaoskampf
  • Weaves of Web and Cloth
  • We Toss ‘Em
  • What’s the Point of What Hayden Saw?
  • Wine Drunk Together Again

More info can be found on the press kit.