Blue Cafe – Photos


On May 18th I did a reading and book signing at Sioux City’s Blue Cafe. The owner, Gia Emory, told me that we packed the house.

One of my best friends in the world, Chris Larson, provided us with some classy piano jazz both before and after the reading portion of the evening.

0518RandalthruFlowersWhile Chris played his tunes for us, I got to sit on stage and sign books.

I read stories, poems, and even a bit of creative non-fiction about my blind little pooch, Missy.

Of course I read from Descriptions of Heaven too.

Sara, one of my oldest friends going way back to our elementary school days, was awesome enough to drive several hours just to see me read. #FanGirl  😀 0518EmoryStudio
Blue Cafe also houses the music studio of Ron Emory from T.S.O.L. He couldn’t make it to the show, grieving the death of his good friend, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave. I did see Ron earlier in the day and was able to wish him an early “happy birthday.” (Cool fact: we share a May 20th birthday).

My wife Libby and I having our photo taken after the show.

We were also celebrating my birthday that night. Gia surprised the patrons with free cake I had her make for the occasion. Afterward, some of us went out for drinks at the nearby Diving Elk. My gorgeous wife got herself an old fashion, and I had a couple of tasty dark beers in celebration.

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