2018 Dialogue Series Challenge


Hey, bookworms! Thanks for being here. Today is a pretty important day, as I’m announcing the start of my 2018 writing challenge—write one story a week using only dialogue. The working title is Dialogues: a Collection of Creative Conversations. Please subscribe here to stay notified whenever the next one is listed as written! Or follow Medium where I’ll be updating my progress via a series.

What is a dialogue? That’s a great question. It’s what Plato and Cicero wrote. . .except that’s not what I’m writing. You could call these dialogue-style short stories. They’re different, fun, and most of them are short. The first dialogue is scheduled to be written and ready by next week. The intro to my series was posted today. I go into more depth about dialogues on Medium.


Outside of my weekly dialogues, I’m still writing that darned novel. I’ve also got some short stories flapping around inside my cranium, so I suppose I’ll need to keep penning those out, if only for a bit of of silence. Let me know what your 2018 writing goals are in the comments below.


Image source: Pixabay – free for commercial use, no attribution required.

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