Standoff with Bigfoot Deep in the Remote Woods


This week’s dialogue is Standoff with Bigfoot Deep in the Remote Woods. The experimental formatting of the story did not work so well with the series platform.

As a solution, I’ve created a free, downloadable PDF of Standoff with Bigfoot. Grab it by clicking here.

Don’t forget to swing by and read the whole series, Dialogues: a Collection of Creative Conversations. My series can be read online* or with the medium app. There’s also a regular Medium article version of this Standoff with Bigfoot. Give it some claps if you like the story; however, some devices display it weird, so I highly suggest reading first on the PDF version and returning to clap afterward.


Happy monster hunting, bookworms.

Standoff with Bigfoot Deep in the Remote Woods by Randal Eldon Greene

*Note: some web browsers will ask that you “read on a larger screen” when it comes to Medium series. This is an EASY FIX. Simply zoom out a bit, or you can go full screen. Either option works. F11 on most PC keyboards is a great shortcut for going full screen and back. Hitting the control (Ctrl) key while using the scroll wheel on your mouse is the easiest method for zooming in and out (assuming you have a mouse and it has a scroll wheel).You can also read the series on your phone by using the Medium app.


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