DigiSpouse.com Testimonial

DigiSpouse.com Testimonial

About a year ago I watched a short video about the future of dating and apps. There was a particular person (lonely, overweight, shy) who was getting very serious about a dating app. I’m not talking about Tinder, Match, or even OkCupid (this latter one is where my wife and I met). What I’m talking about is an app that is the girlfriend. An artificial intelligence girlfriend.

And that’s what inspired this story. Except I didn’t want my dater to be lonely, overweight, or shy. No. Married. Unhappy with his wife, but married.

You can enjoy the story as a Medium article or find it as the latest piece from my weekly fiction web series Dialogues: a Collection of Creative Conversations. Thanks for reading, Bookworms.

Source: DigiSpouse.com

An image license was purchased from Canva. Please do not copy or share this image.

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