Hiss, Squawk, Bellow Mutter

Hiss, Squawk, Bellow, Mutter

The characters Hiss, Squawk, Bellow, and Mutter in my new dialogue are business men, and they talk just like their names imply. It’s a part of the new dialogue collection I’m writing.

About the Series
Dialogues is a series of short fictional stories written entirely in conversational form. So far, there are 11 works written for the collection. A new dialogue arrives every week of 2018. Follow me on Medium or subscribe via email to keep notified there.


In Case You Missed It
In other news this week, I had two publications come out. One, about a lost little boy, was published in The Creative Cafe. The other, about a kid with a body hair fetish, appeared in Literally Literary. Check them both out, please!



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Business Pyramid to Success

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