Medea Naked on the Golden Fleece

Medea Naked on the Golden Fleece

Lit Up has published this week’s dialogue, Medea Naked on the Golden Fleece. Go give it a read.

Every week this year I’m writing a new piece for Dialogues: a Collection of Creative Conversations. Featured stories and links to published pieces are available at the  Medium series. I recommend zooming in or or out, or just going full screen on your computer if you get a “read on a larger screen” error. For a phone, download the Medium app.

Thanks again, Bookworms, for reading and supporting me as I write this short story collection. Every like and subscription here, clap on Medium, and follower on Twitter is validation that I’m not just writing for myself, but creating something others value as well.

Medea Naked on the Golden Fleece

Die Hoffnung (Hope 1), 1903 oil painting by Gustav KlimtDie Hoffnung (Hope 1), 1903 oil painting by Gustav Klimt / Source: Wikimedia Commons


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