New Publication – “Therapy” in Public House Magazine

Public House Magazine "Therapy" by Randal Eldon Greene


Thanks so much to Public House Magazine for publishing “Therapy” in Issue number 9 of their amazingly transgressive print publication. This is a super special issue because the magazine turns into a full 2019 calendar. Yep, read it, fill in the crossword puzzles, and then hang it up as useful wall art.

“Therapy” is a piece of fiction from my dialogue-only collection, Dialogues: A Collection of Creative Conversations. Public House has published it under the title “Pissing Therapy.”

It’s pretty cheap, so order yourself a copy if you dare!
Public House Magazine - Issue #9




Relationships are tough. When things are rough, sometimes you just need to resort to a little therapy.

That’s right, another short-story-in-dialogue has been added to my list of completed pieces for my next book. Stay tuned the rest of the year as I continue to pen one out every week of 2018.


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Freud's SofaSigmund Freud’s talk therapy sofa. Source: Wikimedia Commons