Google Maps Makes History


Callout2I’ve shared this on my facebook page but I wanted to share this on my blog too.

I remember when the Google Maps car drove by my house in 2012. I was sitting on the porch, working on my novella, Descriptions of Heaven. Google did not intend it, but they captured a moment of history in the making.


It’s so amazing to me that I am now working on final edits for the book. If all goes as planned, Harvard Square Editions should have the final draft of my book to review sometime late this month or early December. I can’t wait to have this work in print for all my friends and fans. I’ve had so much encouragement and support that it’s going to be rewarding to see the fruits of everyone’s input and positivity in the form of a book. You’re all the best—both my new fans and my old fans—and I can’t wait to give you something polished and printed to read.

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