H (mustache) notebook

No. Not a thing on Mexican girl mustaches.


Hey, bookworms! I’ve got a new story up at Literally Literary. Check it out, leave some claps, and comment with your thoughts. Thanks!

A thin pamphlet on getting older — at least as old as a true youngster gets. Read up on it there he will, under H.

hair . . . . .p12

No. Nothing. Not a thing on Mexican girl mustaches. Dark line of lip hair. Upper lip. No beard. But still startling. Took a bit to get eyes to quit roaming the hips of blond beauties and to look directly at those accented lips. Yes it took time, but now Frank wants to lick that lip hair. And if there’s hair up there then there might be hair. . .

Read the rest of the story at Literally Literary

Mexican girl mustache, finger mustache

Photo source: Pixabay (free for commercial use - no attribution required)

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