Tarnished Time

upTarnished Time

This week’s dialogue for my weekly fiction web series is Tarnished Time. Go ahead and check it out the series. It’s one of my favorites so far. A  descriptive list of all the stories can be found at this link.

UPDATE: Tarnished Time has also been published separately in The Creative Cafe. You can read it at this link: https://thecreative.cafe/tarnished-time-4b7aae6e0151

From the story: All I do anymore is sit around remembering. . . I remember myself. Other people too. Places. Half-witted time. The kind that dances to the thoughts of other decades of one’s life. 

In other news, due to an issue with the Medium series platform not pushing notifications to subscribers when my series is updated, I’m probably going to be making each story into it’s own series. Which is silly, I know. But it’ll let readers read the stories in any order they choose and push notifications to subscribers, all while keeping series posts separate from anything else I get published on Medium. Any thoughts about this are, of course, appreciated.

Ready to read the series?
Tarnished Clock


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