Terry Won’t Let It Live

Terry Won't Let It Live

Creepy Tunnel

Terry Won’t Let It Live is this week’s dialogue: When three explorers deep in an ancient man-made tunnels find a creature that appears to be an infant, a three-way struggle ensues. Denise thinks it’s human and wants to take it back with them. Jacob believes it’s an animal and says that they should leave it. But Terry, he believes it’s an abomination that they must kill.

This is a pretty dark dialogue. I don’t think it constitutes horror exactly, so we’ll see if there’s any luck getting this one published or not.

monster baby found in catacombs

I’m still behind on typing up my dialogues. Alas, I’ve filled my plate up with too much to do again. Luckily most of it is writing-related. Next week doesn’t look too good for writing, however, since I’m working two extra mornings. My evening reading will have to wait while I put my writing first.

The wife and I are leaving for a wedding Saturday, thus why I had to make sure I had a post up about the dialogue today instead of Saturday (I usually use my downtime at work to make my post). It’ll be fun, especially since I won’t be back until Sunday night. The only worry is snow. I don’t think it’ll be an issue, though the wife had a hard time making it up a slick hill this morning. That’s good old Iowa for ya.

If you’re snowed in, may I suggest you read a little thing I wrote about the future of wedding bells here: Digispouse.com Testimonial.

All photos from Wikimedia Commons.

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