When the Dog Gets Ready to Die


2017 has welcomed me with the publication of my first poem ever. It’s a great start to this new year. Thanks to Unbroken Journal for accepting this piece for inclusion in their first issue of 2017.

Dog in Snow: artwork for Randal Eldon Greene's prose poem "When the Dog Gets Ready to Die"

A reader from one of my Facebook writing groups was touched by my prose poem. This person had lost their dog recently and, though somewhat reluctant to read it, was glad that she did. While my dog actually survived the ordeal that this poem is based on, it took me many years before I could finally write about this heartbreaking night, one of the saddest moments of my life. I hope that those of you who have lost a pet will be moved by this poem, just as I was moved to tears years ago on that cold winter night.

Read When the Dog Gets Ready to Die by clicking here.



New Publication: COME LIGHT


This is a wee bit of a late announcement, but I’ve got a new short piece of poetic prose published.


“Mable is a movie when I’m high. A tragedy. A romance. A porno streaming…


Read all of “Come Light” in Unbroken Journal’s March/April 2016 issue.

rooftop sunrise view for Randal Eldon Greene's short story "Come Light"
or Click here for an ebook view.

And check out the rest of the journal while you’re there. It’s spectacular.