Flash Fiction Addiction

Flash Fiction Addiction

I’m pleased to announce to that my short story in dialogue, A Lover’s Dwelling, has been published in Flash Fiction Addiction: 101 Short Short Stories. It’s available as an ebook and in paperback. If you love flash fiction, this collection from Zombie Pirate Publishing is going to be one you’ll want to add to your shelves.

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A Lover’s Dwelling

a lover's dwelling

In matters of love, do you follow your heart or follow your brain?


I’ve written a new piece for my next planned book (tentatively titled Dialogues: a Collection of Creative Conversations). You can read featured dialogues and links to available dialogues on Randal’s Medium series. The option to follow as a series can be done for mobile users with the Medium.com app. Update: you can now read on computers too.

brain vs heart

Image soruce: Pixabay.