Launching the Hello, Author newsletter

I’ve been working hard to create something for the benefit of the reading and writing communities I interact with. The fruit of these efforts launches officially today. “Hello, Author” is my new newsletter of author interviews.

Sign up so you don’t miss any of the interviews. The full archive can also be accessed on the Hello, Author website.

The first author interview is with Gary Floyd, author of Liberté: The Days of Rage 1990-2020 and Eyes Open With Your Mask On. I began my newsletter with Gary because his books are not only topical, but relatable.

I also want to thank everyone who follows here and elsewhere, everyone who reads my work, everyone who cares about what I write. Hopefully this endeavor works as a way to give a little something back to all of you. ❤️ 📕 ❤️

Flash Fiction Addiction

Flash Fiction Addiction

I’m pleased to announce to that my short story in dialogue, A Lover’s Dwelling, has been published in Flash Fiction Addiction: 101 Short Short Stories. It’s available as an ebook and in paperback. If you love flash fiction, this collection from Zombie Pirate Publishing is going to be one you’ll want to add to your shelves.

Find it on Amazon in

Paperback or Kindle

Flash Fiction Addiction cover

Two Conversations with Four Voices

Two Conversations with Four Voices

I’ve written a new piece for my series. It’s a sort of literary puzzle. To find out more, simply keep following, as I’m actively seeking a publisher for this odd little conversation (or should I say conversations).

Read featured dialogues and links to available dialogues on Randal’s Medium seriesrestaurant patrons


In other news, I had a story come out yesterday in Spelk. If you missed the notification, please give it a read. It’s short microfiction intended to pack a punch.

A New Kind of Mother - A Flash Fiction Story by Randal Eldon Greene

You can always find all the online reads at the Read Randal Online section of my website. Thanks for being the best kind of bookworms there are: viciously voracious.