Merry Christmas

poorly wrapped Christmas gift

Merry Christmas friends. I hope you had many gifts wrapped with love, if not skill. The picture above is the only gift I attempted to wrap myself this year. It’s a little something for my wife, and it’s a great conversation piece! When Libby saw it she laughed, kissed me, and said, “I love you.”

Have yourself some seasonal cheer, and if you missed it, check out this Christmas story I wrote for a little holiday entertainment. See you all next year!




Aunt Phyllis is Yours This Christmas

Randal Eldon Greene's Aunt Phyllis is Yours This Christmas, a comic holiday short story
Sibling rivalry + a house full of drunken swordsmen = a rationale for declaring: “I’ll see you in Christmas Hell!”

Enjoy this comic holiday story that I published on Medium.

Aunt Phyllis jess-watters-at designedbyjess

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