Goodreads Giveaway – Ends December 18th

Callout38[This Giveaway Has Ended]

Enter to win a signed copy of Descriptions of Heaven in this goodreads giveaway.

Of course, there’s also a current Kindle giveaway for twitter users and a crayon coloring contest.

All three contests are being held to celebrate the 1 year publication anniversary of Descriptions of Heaven. This will probably be my last goodreads giveaway due to goodreads’ plans to charge hundreds of dollars to authors who want to give their books away for free. A nominal fee? Sure. Hundreds of dollars? Yeah right; not happening. So hop on over to to the final goodreads giveaway of 2017/ever.

You can find me on goodreads where I frequently list the books I’m reading.
Let me know your 2018 reading plans in the comments!!!

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