Descriptions of Heaven Cover Reveal

It’s time. The long awaited first book cover reveal.

First, a little about the book. Descriptions of Heaven wasn’t originally intended to be a book. It was a writing exercise, at most a short story. I started, as I do with most things, at the end. The last line.

As many of you know, this book is—in part—about a lake monster. This central image came to me after a night of rare insomnia. The next day, still unable to sleep or function in any appreciable way, I sat on the couch binge-watching a monster hunting show that was having a marathon run. And it was with one of these episodes that the muse decided I’d find inspiration. The particular episode featured, of course, a lake monster. It wasn’t the Loch Ness Monster we are all familiar with. No. It was another lake with another monster. In fact, the show’s host mentioned a number of lakes with legends of monsters lurking in their depths, and, if my memory serves me right, the number was in the hundreds.

Thus the beginning (or rather the ending) of Descriptions of Heaven. I’m not going to reveal the ending of the book here. What I will say is that I got off my back, took my sleep-deprived self down the steps to the basement where I had my writing desk, and I wrote. And I wrote. And I saw it was more than a writing exercise. So I wrote more. And I saw that whatever it was, it was a thing with chapters. And I wrote. And as I wrote, it became this little, lyrical novel: Descriptions of Heaven.

I wrote the first draft between winter 2012 and spring 2013. Since then I’ve picked it up to revise and put it away a few times. And it was last fall that I finally decided it was ready to be sent out in search of a publisher.

And the publisher I went with, Harvard Square Editions, has sent me a finalized cover. For my IRL Facebook Friends I’ve given a sneak peak of this cover, using an unpolished version of the main artwork as my cover photo without telling anyone (kind of an Easter Egg for those I know) for a few months now.

And now it’s time. The reveal is here:


Descriptions of Heaven comes out November 22nd. Stayed tuned for news on book giveaways/contests/etc by subscribing to this blog, following on twitter @AuthorGreene, and liking on 

[EDIT] You can now purchase the book on Amazon!

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